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Euthanasia a solution or a crime -

Euthanasia Is a Crime. Euthanasia can belonging to suicide. Many people believe that suicide should be a criminal offence. Especially in sector religion, most religion disapproves of euthanasia. I am a moslem, so I disagree with euthanasia, because my religion said that life is in God’s hand, life is sacred.

Euthanasia a Solution or a Crime Essay

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12:03 Kigakora:
People who wish to retain their dignity and choices at the end of life should have the option of a peaceful and gentle death.

18:35 Zulkijin:
A person who takes away life from another person is a killer no matter on what condition he did that. If we stopp caring for the terminally ill at all, where would we draw the line? Every person deserves a choice to live or die.

16:00 Faezil:
The main reason for those who are pro is that it relieves suffering because euthanasia is applied only in cases when a person has no chance to live and he has awful pains. I do not believe teenagers are

22:49 Nall:
Series, Euthanasia, Greenhaven Press, http: Certain religious people do not oppose euthanasia because they believe that only God has the authority to take a human? A person who undergoes euthanasia is usually terminally ill.

10:23 Migrel:
A person who undergoes euthanasia is usually terminally ill.