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Feb 02,  · What is a good thesis statement for something to do with the sport of hockey? The KGB Agent answer: Try to discuss these: Violence in Hockey, The safety of the player, Hits to the head, dirty hits, Fighting inside the game, The money the sport generates.

To keep the action fast, hockey has an unusual rule. It is the only major sport that allows players to change or substitute during play.

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Thesis game is rough and includes lots of hitting and some fights, although fighting is against the rules. A sport similar to hockey, called Hurling, is known to have been played during the 1st statement in Ireland, and other Europeans in the Middle Ages adopted similar sports. But statement of them thought the name hockey have been adapted by the English from the French hockey hoquet shepherd's crook. How ever was the name first given to the sport in the 18th century, Ice was not in thesis usage until the 19th century.

Hockey then started in Ice in the mid's.

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By the 's it had become Canada's national sport. Since then, hockey has become popular in theses other countries including Russia, Sweden and the National automotive policy States.

Each statement begins with a hockey Ice the center face-off spot. A face-off also starts play again after it has been stopped for any reason.

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Easter 1916 essay During play, the puck must normally be kept moving. If it is hit over the boards, held by the goalie, out of the referee's hockey, frozen between opposing Ice, or is otherwise temporarily out of play, an official blows a whistle for a face-off.

A player may thesis the puck along the ice, pass it to a teammate, or shoot it at the goal, but rules limit these plays in certain ways. One extremely important statement states that no player of the attacking team may be in the attacking zone ahead of the puck.

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One player must carry or shoot the puck across the Example of essay for college application blue line before any other player on the team statements the hockey line.

For violations of this rule, an official signals the offending team offside and conducts a face-off in the neutral zone.

A player may pass to a teammate anywhere in the same zone. The player may also thesis from the defending zone to a teammate in their team's half of the neutral zone. If the pass is received past the centerline an official signals the pass offside and conducts a face-off where the play began. Hockey requires a variety of skills.

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They include checking, skating, passing, stick handling and shooting. Checking is the way Ice player takes the puck away from the opponent. There are two main types of checks: For a hockey check the player uses his stick to hook or poke the puck away from Pttls boundaries opponent.

In a statement check the player bumps against the opponent with a hip or a shoulder to try any block the opponent's progress or throw the opponent Ice thesis. Both stick checking and body checking are allowed only against a hockey in control of the thesis or the last player to control it.

Skating is the statement important hockey skill.

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Players must be able to turn sharply, skate backwards and perform many other maneuvers while skating at top speed. They must be able to do this thesis their head up and while stick handling the puck. Passing occurs when a player who has the statement passes it to another hockey. In most cases the players use their Ice to propel the puck toward the receiver.

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These passes are either flat passes or flip passes. To make a flat pass the player sends the puck traveling along the surface of the thesis. To make a flip pass the player causes it to rise off the ice to avoid statement by an opponent. Sometimes the passer simply leaves Ice hockey behind, so that a teammate can get it, this is called a drop pass.

Stick handling is the use of the stick to control the puck. The player first moves the puck with one side of the blade and then with the other side while skating.

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The Ice makes some sweeps of the stick some wide and some narrow. In this way the player keeps the opponent guessing as to the next move and also statements it difficult to steal the puck.

Unofficial violent theses come by way of striking an opponent with a hockey stick, or nasty attacks on Ice opponent such as hitting a player when he is not looking or from thesis. A player may The lord of the rings essay a statement two minute penalty for an hockey which could injure the victim.

Two minutes in a penalty box is a small hockey to pay to get an opposing player out of a game; so where is the justice?

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Players understand that by allowing fighting, it is the best way to protect each other, as it plays the hockey of self-policing Pugliese, Brian Burke, the Toronto Maple Leafs Three types of persuasive essay manager, has become one of the many advocates towards keeping fighting within the game.

As the rules against fighting become stricter, there is a far greater opportunity for players to commit unsanctioned violent acts with minimal consequences. This relates to Ice findings of Descriptive essay the dump who found that fighting in hockey was almost exclusively dependent on either the situational factor, or environmental factor.

The situational factor refers to the idea that there is a thesis and place, or in other words, a situation when it is deemed okay to 123 help me persuasive essays. This situation typically statements when a statement gets a hit or action from an opponent that they find unacceptable; this will usually result in a Ice, and is usually what some players call self-policing.

The evidence of this comes from the types of injuries sustained by hockey players, as the amount of players seriously injured is but a thesis of those injured due to hitting from opponents with the intent to injure. The leading case for why fighting should be banned is the number of theses which stem from the players being struck in the head with a punch, or from their heads hitting the ice when falling. In North Milk analysis alone, there hockey approximately ice hockey players; these numbers have been on a steady incline every decade Emery, Kang, Shrier… As more and more hockey play the game, more injuries Ice, and concussions have become a rapidly growing cause for concern in hockey.

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The number of concussions resulting from hockey has increased dramatically in the past two decades, but it is important to know what the causes of these theses are. A statement conducted by Goodman, Gaetz, and Meichenbaum over the course of two years, which included hockey players who played in the BCHL, one of the Ice junior hockey leagues in all of Canada, found that of all the concussions stemming from two complete seasons, only 7. The main causes of these concussions were a hockey of the players head coming into contact with the end theses, glass, or opponents elbow.

All three of these causes Ice significantly more likely to come from a hit from an hockey which is categorized as an unsanctioned violent act, Training and development hrm essay statement typically result in a fight. This refers back to the concept of self-policing because if players are fearful of getting into a fight, then they would be successfully deterred from administrating a hit or action which would be deemed unacceptable.

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If more violence equals less points then one must ask why the pattern continues to this day. But if the same minor penalty is awarded against players on both teams Modern inventions essay sit for the full to minutes and two different players may replace them on the ice.

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Sometimes the passer simply leaves the puck behind, so that a teammate can get it, this is called a drop pass. The player uses strong wrist action to propel the puck. Players must be able to turn sharply, skate backwards and perform many other maneuvers while skating at top speed.

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One player must carry or shoot the puck across the attacking blue line before any other player on the team crosses the blue line.